Dawgen Global now offers Business Growth Services in the Caribbean

Whether you need advice or subsidized training, our expert Business Growth Specialists will help identify your business needs and plan a path for growth. Dawgen Global offers business growth services designed to help business owners improve profits and increase operational efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Assess your business and identify its needs
  • Write an action plan to help you develop, grow and innovate
  • Identify relevant information and other services to meet your specific needs

Business Growth Services Include:

Benchmarking – At Dawgen Global, we understand your business and assist you in analyzing your current processes and their performance. Thereafter, based on our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the competition, we recommend and implement industry best practices in your business, to close any efficiency gaps, using best in-class consulting processes and state of the art technology.

Seminars & Workshops – Conferences, workshops, seminars and industry events can be a great way to improve your business. Industry events help generate new ideas for growth which in turn improves your business. It also helps you in building strong network within the industry and in improving your organization’s brand image in the wider business fraternity.

Strategic Action Planning – Organizations need strategies, goals, and action plans to cascade the mission through the organization and engage the talents of all employees. An action plan identifies the business goal and the strategies that can be implemented to reach that goal. It also explains the specific action that needs to be taken in order to achieve the business strategy. A strategic plan also includes the timeframe, roles & responsibilities and performance indicators that can be implemented to reach the business objectives.

Performance Measurement and Management – Measuring and managing the performance of a business is critical to any business success. Performance management consists of a set of management and analytic processes that enable businesses to define strategic goals and then measure and manage performance against those goals. Core business performance management processes include financial & operational planning, business modeling, consolidation & reporting, analysis and monitoring of key performance indicators linked to strategy.

Customer Advisory board – A customer advisory board is an important element of your overall business and marketing plan which provides valuable insight into your customers. A well defined Customer Advisory Board (CAB) can be highly effective tool to gain feedback on strategic priorities and company direction in turn solidifying relationship with customers. At Dawgen Global the customer advisory board is facilitated by our Team of Consultants to help ensure frank discussions among customers and unbiased interpretation of their feedback.

Process Mapping – Business process mapping refers to all the activities involved in defining the business requirement, roles and responsibilities and the success criteria for the business. A clear and detailed Business process helps organizations to become more efficient and work effectively. Business growth advisors at Dawgen Global can assist your team to:

  1. Identify the processes that have the greatest impact on your business
  2. Map critical processes to document how work should flow and to uncover inconsistencies in performance
  3. Design and implement process improvements to enhance efficiency, productivity and customer service

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