How to Growth your Business through Creativity and Analytics

The most perfect union in today’s global world is the unlocking of the next wave of growth. This is achieved by unifying Creativity and Analytics.

Combining the power of human ingenuity and the insights gleaned from Data Analytics is a good start. But the best marketers are now integrating the power combo of Creativity and Analytics into all functions across the Marketing Value Chain. Marketers that are leading the pack in driving growth understand that Data and Creativity are two sides of the same coin.

Dawgen Global consultants can help you understand the 3 groups of marketers and how they approach Creativity and Analytics.

  1. 1. Idlers
  2. Isolators
  3. Integrators

We will introduce you to the 3 principles followed by Integrators to achieve Marketing Excellence:

  1. Integrators treat Creativity and Data as equal partners.
  2. Integrators embed integration through an Agile Marketing Operating model.
  3. Integrators seek “whole-brain” talent.

Pursuing these 3 principles will ensure efficient integration of Creativity and Analytics into a power combo.

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