Working with Virtual Teams-Challenges & Benefits

While organizations still need to travel to reach their physical offices, the rapid changes in the world is requiring businesses to form Virtual Teams. A Virtual Team refers to a group of individuals who work together from different geographic locations and rely on communication technology such as email, voice conferencing services, fax, etc.

Virtual Teams work well for an organization and is effective even from a communication perspective. Studies from previous years have shown that well-managed, widely spread, Virtual Teams have been outperforming those that share office space. In fact, it has shown that using Virtual Teams can improve employee productivity by 45%.

In today’s highly competitive global economy, to be able to work smarter, organizations must be able to leverage the manifold benefits of a remote workforce. Likewise, organizations must also be able to manage challenges that comes with working with Virtual Teams.

Dawgen Global Team of Consultants can provide your organizations with guidance and good perspective of working with a remote workforce, along with its challenges and benefits. We assist you with the 4 core challenges you must overcome to be able to lead remotely.

These core challenges are:

  1. Virtual Communication
  2. Virtual Project Management
  3. Talent Development & Management
  4. Technology Support

Having a good grasp of the core challenges will enable organizations to better manage their remote workforce and maximize its benefits.

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