Seeking Small In A Big World

We all aspire to greatness in this world. Whether we are scientists seeking to become the next Einstein or entrepreneurs aspiring to Bill Gates-like greatness, everyone who works for more than just the basic paycheck has dreams of greatness. The small, home-based business opportunity defines itself as small but chock full of potential with a few determiners.

First, the small, home-based serves local clientele. These small business usually begin by serving neighbors and friends. Home-based businesses have the advantage of a comfortable, friendly feel and thus appeal to the guy next door. However, once the small business owner has established a successful reputation among his local clientele, he begins to branch out. He seeks other opportunities by using one of the greatest marketing and networking tools invented: the Internet. He thus begins with local clientele, but the small, home-based business opportunity then blossoms into more than just a small business.

Typically the small, home-based business is just one business. It is not defined as being a part of a chain. Instead it is local and personal. The owner deals with the customers himself, knowing and calling them by name. He strives to give the business that sort of “mom and pop” feel because it indeed is a small, home-based business. He takes advantage of his smallness by making the business personal, unlike many chain or incorporated businesses.

Additionally, while the business starts out small, a small, home-based business opportunity has vast potential for growth. As stated earlier, thanks to the greatest networking tool ever invented, the small, home-based business owner no long has to stay small. He can invest in a high-speed connection and some hardware, and without ever paying mortgage on an office building, he has created a much larger business. The sky is the limit for small, home-based business opportunities.

Finally, the small, home-based business opportunity typically has a grassroots beginning. The ideas begin around a kitchen table and are hashed out over a cup of coffee. The entrepreneurs are not necessarily power people in Armani suits but instead dads and moms in jeans and sweatshirts. These small, home-based business owners understand their clientele. They know the average Joe because they are the average Joe, and they thus understand the needs of normal people and how to meet those needs.

Overall, the small, home-based business opportunity has a pleasant feel to it. They begin with grassroots, serve local clientele, and evoke a feeling that the smell of Grandma’s cookie’s stimulates. Maybe that’s why so many people seek them. They begin with great ideas and hope, and in the end, who knows, another Bill Gates of the home-based business may be born.

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