Continuous Improvement Process and Innovation (CPI2 )

Today’s market pressures—intensified by technology, infrastructure, and process related challenges—negatively affect organizational performance. Such circumstances force the organizational leadership to rethink the way they do business, eliminate irregular workarounds,
and adopt efficient processes. This is when they turn to continuous process improvement or other innovation methodologies.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) involves improving a product, service or process, either incrementally (overtime) or revolutionary (at once). However, this process improvement or optimization isn’t a one-time engagement, rather, it runs continuously where we need to regularly analyze whether there are any other Changes to be made—for instance, related
to software, infrastructure, approach, etc.
CPI initiatives assist the executives analyze workplace systems and procedures, and transform those to improve efficiency and productivity. For instance, Business Process Reengineering, Lean Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints are all different methodologies to enable organized transformation and promote a culture of thinking, understanding, and upgrading.
Likewise, innovation-centric methodologies, e.g., Crowdsourcing, Design Thinking, and Innovation Metrics—have also been employed by organizations to nurture innovative thinking and ideas testing using prototyping and multiple rounds of validation.
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