Creating Livable Cities

The shift of people from rural areas to cities and urban towns in developing and emerging economies is one of the most profound demographic changes happening globally. Cities all over the world offer significant opportunities to improve human well-being, catalyze economic development, and serve as incubators for new ideas.

Rapid urbanization is often linked to improved economic opportunities, better access to health and education services, and improved living conditions. However, under-investment in infrastructure and services, as well as weak urban governance and planning and financing frameworks can undermine urbanization’s potential to serve as the engine of green and inclusive growth and development.

The publication Creating Livable Cities: Regional Perspectives takes stock of key patterns of urbanization and urban development across developing and emerging economies. It also examines the policy interventions and solutions to promote competitive, inclusive, equitable, and environmentally sustainable and climate- resilient cities—in short, “livable” cities.

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