Dawgen Global Insights May 2020 Edition


This issue of Dawgen Global Insights explores several management tools and strategies including Digital Transformation Governance, Strategy Development Responding to COVID-19 and Financial Resilience Guide.
The constantly evolving digital landscape necessitates executives to dynamically design and govern their portfolio of Digital Initiatives. Based on a study of more than 100 companies on their digital challenges and interviews with 55 digital executives, we have distilled out 7 key governing principles that link Digital Transformation to impactful success.

COVID-19 is shaping a “New Normal”—a Low Touch Economy that requires a strategic response. The world is changing. Forced isolation and social distancing restrictions have been put into place with the advent of the COVID-19 health crisis. This is not expected to end soon but is expected to have a lasting effect on the world. In fact, a new generation of consumer behaviors is already being shaped. We explore the Strategy Development response necessary in this edition of Dawgen Insights.
Tackling the Low Touch Economy requires setting up a new economy growth initiative. In a Low Touch Economy, we are in store for a period of rapid learning, marked by plenty of ups and downs and economic uncertainty.

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