Dawgen Global Insights for June 2020

Our Monthly Newsletter (Dawgen Global Insights) for June 2020 will demonstrate the strength of our firm and the unique and innovative approach we engender. This is communicated through client case studies on how our team have collaborated to help our clients succeed.

In this issue of Dawgen Global Insights we explores several management tools and strategies including an integrated approach to effectively manage real estate in the Retail industry. This Article talks about a methodical approach to managing the real estate that helps reveal potential opportunities and threats for the investors—real estate investment trusts, banks, asset managers, insurance companies, governments, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds.
We also examine discusses Sustainability-based Management and the differences between Sustainability Leaders vs. Laggards.

The Strategy Chessboard is also examined. This is a holistic Strategy Development framework developed by A.T. Kearney. The Article focuses on the first Umbrella Strategy—Position and Conquer. It provides an overview to the Strategy Chessboard, the Position and Conquer Umbrella Strategy, and the 4 Strategic Approaches under Position and Conquer.

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