Dawgen Global Insights July 2020 Edition


This issue of Dawgen Global Insights explores the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Digitalization in the modern world.
Internet of Things (IoT) will soon become a differentiating factor in competition. Senior Leaders and Board Members are now required to take a systems approach. This systems approach will address the organizational challenges and risks the expansion of the digital domain will create. Doing this will allow organizations to capture the full range of benefits promised by IoT. This article serves as management’s guide to the Internet of Things.

We also examine Six Building Blocks of Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation touches practically every function in the entire organization. This thus requires an unprecedented amount of coordination among people, process, and technologies throughout the organization, leading to a difficult Transformation
program. The Six Building Blocks of Digital Transformation framework provides us with a holistic structure for thinking through and managing large-scale Digital Transformation programs.
Also included is an overview to Blockchain Technology—as well as discusses the values drivers to and strategic value of Blockchain.

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