Dawgen Global Insights September 2020 Edition

This issue of Dawgen Global Insights explores several topics of interest including Cybersecurity Strategy. Cybersecurity is a growing threat and should be at the forefront in any IT Risk Management
Strategy. As role of digitization in company’s operation grows, vulnerability to data theft, leakage of intellectual property, and denial-of–service attacks are growing apace. Most organizations are
significantly underprepared.
We also examine strategic pricing capability. Pricing isn’t just a matter of a good Pricing Strategy and tactics. By investing in specific areas of organizational capital—specifically, Pricing Capital—we can
foster a Strategic Pricing Capability.

This article breaks down the 3 forms of Pricing Capital.
The COVID–19 war is still on and we provide critical recovery information in our article – COVID–19: Supply Chain Recovery. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the global economy. Thousands of companies have been forced to throttle down or temporarily shut down assembly and manufacturing plants.
Manufacturing companies in the European Union and North America are going offline. And even if
China is recovering, its capacity is diminishing.
Significantly, the pandemic has strongly affected the worldwide demand and supply. With this level
of uncertainty, companies are forced to find their way through these tough supply and demand
challenges. At the same time, companies need to prepare for the recovery that may arrive in a
not-too distant future. With these uncertainties, the question now is how companies can fashion
a recovery plan. This article provides companies globally with the strategic headway in managing
uncertainties and plan out for Supply Chain Recovery.

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