Build your business

Build your business with knowledge and skills proven in the construction industry
Every project needs people with the right skills on it, working together, communicating, with eyes on the next milestone. Your business is no different. With several clients of all sizes in construction and real estate, Dawgen is ready to assist your business team.
Hire a team of specialists who understand the work that you do
The Dawgen construction consulting services team has more than 150 specialists who take time to understand the risks you face – the tight surety market, finding and keeping key people, a poor project overtaking a good year, and the increased scrutiny of financial reporting. We serve clients including:
. General contractors and specialty subcontractors
. Heavy, highway, and civil contractors
. Architectural and engineering firms
. Real estate companies
Our professionals have a reputation for credibility with key industry players, including lenders and sureties, and keep up to date on the latest regulations, standards, and trends.

In addition to audit, advisory, tax, risk, and performance services, we also offer assistance with:
. Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) services
. Mergers and acquisitions
. Portfolio risk management for sureties and agents
. Project Management
. Human Resources Outsourcing