We improve management by increasing the ability to solve problems, achieving exceptional results and with sustainability in the performance of the company and with a 360º business management vision.

Management and Operation

·         Evaluation / diagnosis of the existing corporate management model;

·         Adequacy and readjustment of the organizational structure; Review, improvements and implementation of policies and             business rules;

·         Monitoring of the business management model;

·         Analysis, improvements and implementation of performance indicators – KPIs; Restructuring and organizational climate;

·         Mapping / diagnosis of the systemic architecture of management software – ERPs; Evaluation of the quality of the                      information of the managerial reports for decision making and other management instruments;

·         Management of total or interim control;

·         Cost / expense management; Commercial leverage, analysis of products and services; Identification of improvements and        action plan;

·         Identification of gaps in the supply chain – Supply Chain Management (SCM);

·         Review of technological tools and their functionalities;

·         Review of contracts with third parties;

·         Feasibility study of the transfer of the industrial park / company site to other locations in Brazil and other countries with         tax and operational impacts, increasing the profitability of the company;

·         Analysis of CapEX and OpEX aiming at increasing the flexibility of costs and the need to reduce financing;

·         Budget and financial management;

·         Management by results;

·         Investments in processes vs payback;

·         Measurement of strategic and non-strategic costs;

·         Financial advice for judicial recovery plans;

·         Restructuring planning.