Research and Development Consulting


In almost all innovation-driven industrial companies, research and development (R&D) is an area of outstanding strategic importance. This is where the values that determine long-term profitability, competitive differentiation and crisis resistance are created.

At the same time, the R&D process harbours enormous risks: failed developments, time losses, coordination problems and lack of transparency, inadequate cooperation with partners in the value chain and quality problems can bring even global corporations into difficulties. The relevance, but also the structural, organisational and cultural characteristics as well as the high complexity of R&D activities, therefore require a cautious and sound approach.

Dawgen Global supports companies in designing lean and effective research and development systems with a pragmatic, multidisciplinary and content-based approach.

With practice-proven approaches, methods and instruments, we are able to quickly identify potentials and formulate improvement measures: whether it’s to save development and product costs, reduce throughput times in development or increase product quality. In doing so, we accompany the entire process from conception via piloting to the roll-out of R&D systems or customisation programmes.

The aim of research and development is to innovate new products and markets that improve your current and future state. Our engineers will help you conduct research, develop concepts, create prototypes, and execute tests that deeply accelerate your speed to market. Dawgen Global team of consultants can assist you with your R & D.